Sunday, September 7, 2014

How It Will Be

". . . That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.  Two men will be in the field, one will be taken and the other left . . ."  Matthew 24:39-41

My sense some weeks back was that I should read about prophesy right now, and that I should begin with Matthew, not the Old Testament.  My NIV Rainbow Study Bible makes this easy, as the passages are color coded.  Coincidentally -- or not --  I've reached prophesy about the end days just as our world seems to be experiencing some of the signs of them.  Part of me hopes not, because I think I still have a lot left to do here.  But, of course, I also look forward to being in the presence of our maker and his son.

The passage today says people working side by side could see different fates at the end.  One could be taken and the other left -- men and women alike.  Imagine that.  People could disappear before our very eyes, or we could disappear before theirs.  Of course we expect to join our family and friends as they collect around God's throne.

I'm reminded of the joke about the individual who arrives in heaven only to be shocked to see others he had expected would be sent to the hot place.  He inquired why everybody was so quiet.  God said not to mind them.  They were just surprised to see him there.

Good reason to get ourselves straight with the Lord before the real end is nigh, don't you think?

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