Wednesday, May 21, 2014

But How Is Your Heart?

The Christian Bible suggests that we should sing and dance for joy.  Today's arrests in Iran because six young people did just that and posted the video on the internet, is an example of how warped religious zealousness can get.  Even some Iranians are saying a little leniency might be in order.

I'm reminded of the book/movie One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest where the psycho toxic nurse shamed a young mentally ill man over his sexual needs.  It resulted in his suicide.

History is rife with the toxic side effects of religious nuts and their habit of trying to force their uptight rules on others.  We've got stories of wars ranging from Christianity through Islam . . . from Protestants to Catholics . . . throughout the world.

I want to ask them all, but how is your heart?  Jesus noted that men were as they thought in their hearts.

Is your heart filled with love or killing?  Is it filled with compassion or with compulsion?  Which do you think your god or my God would want to feel emanating from you?

Really people, besides the fact that cramming your beliefs down someone else's throats is not very effective, it's not very smart.

What is effective is holding love in our hearts.  The forcing, raging and killing are not love.  You can catch more converts with the love.

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