Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Please, Lay Down Your Swords

"Let us therefore follow after the things that make for peace . . ."  Romans 14:19

As we approach December 7, the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor (see My Greatest Tourist Experience Ever at lousisues.blogspot.com), I am reminded of the trauma of wars past.

It was announced Sunday (November 24, 2013) that a temporary agreement has been forged between several world powers and Iran over nuclear issues.  While some rejoice over this tiny incremental step toward world security and peace, others are negating it as too little or as a false commitment from Iran.

I say, still your voices and listen to the hope for lasting peace, however faint the possibility.  I wasn't alive during the "war to end all wars", but I have lived through the trauma of all wars -- cold or hot -- all conflicts, skirmishes ad nauseam beginning with World War II.

I call today on all nations, all religious creeds of the world to lay down your swords and take up the dove of peace.  This world is war weary to the depths.

However you state it -- war is hell or war sucks - war is greatly overrated.  It's time for us to quit begging God for peace and start working for that goal ourselves.  As the old saying goes, God helps those who help themselves.  Remember, psychologists tell us that power struggles cannot exist without at least two parties at odds.  One party cannot maintain the struggle alone.

Plus, it really is a better world in places where we all get along.

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