Thursday, November 21, 2013

May There Be Peace On Earth

Psalm 128:6  ". . . peace be upon Israel."

When you think about it, the world as a whole is a more peaceful place than it once was.  There is no more Ghengis Kahn, Alexander the Great, Holy Roman Empire trampling on the freedom of others.  The United Soviet Socialist Republic has disbanded.  The Berlin Wall is down.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are on the wane.

Now, if we can just get peace for Israel.  Wouldn't that be something great?  Peace for Israel would also mean peace for Palestinians . . . for Iranians . . . for the watching world.  Such a peace would be music to our ears.

Father, there are tentative quests for peace being cast about these days.  Please bless the efforts of all individuals involved.  Help them all to have genuine will to resolve the issues.

Please show them how to lay aside their own individual issues so that a genuine peace can be struck.

May there finally be peace on earth.

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