Sunday, October 13, 2013


According to my less than adequate Bible concordance, the Bible mentions reconcile or reconciliation at least fourteen times.

Random House dictionary defines reconcile "to cause or cease hostility or opposition . . . to cause (a person) to accept or be resigned to something not desired".  In other words, God likes reconciliation.  He likes us to cease hostility.

It's long past time for all of us to reconcile with others.  It would certainly make God happy if we would get over it and get on with our lives.

What is this it?  It could be a quarrel with our significant other.  Perhaps we should get a smoother relationship with our children . . . a sibling . . . a neighbor.  Maybe we burned bridges over religious beliefs or politics.  Those are two of the most hot button issues we have.

Today I feel led to say it is time to get over our political issues enough to get the work in Washington ironed out.

Those of us out here can chill a bit.  Those who hold the power can quit churning up melodrama.  They can quit being stubborn and destructive.  They can quit risking America's good name and our power throughout the world.  They can grow up and be men and women of stature.  They can be people to admire for working together and getting it done.  They can be a team.

The Kansas City Chiefs are once again a team.  If they can do it, the government can as well.  Let's hear it for cooperation, negotiation, reconciliation.  Let's please God by succeeding instead of failing in our responsibilities, our very jobs.

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