Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Period of Focused Prayer

                                      Matthew 19:26  ". . . with God all things are possible."

The Republicans are obsessed with the Affordable Care Act.

Democrats make sufficient errors to keep Republicans hopeful.

Constructive legislation is on hold over and over again because both parties refuse to drop their pet issues and get to work on budget concerns and pairing down the national debt.

We, the people, are the ones hurting here.  We are embroiled in a sense of helplessness because the people we were counting on to be the grownups in the room are handling things worse than our toddlers would.

Saying the same ol', same ol', about the happenings in Congress is as frightening as it is descriptive.  Nothing moves forward.  When some form of decisions are made, they are temporary.  As if they have nothing to do, they keep tossing negotiations on down the line for another gut-wrenching quarrel, another month, yet another year.

But, we Christians know that all things are possible with God, because Jesus said so.  The Bible has also told us that God will answer the prayers of people gathered together and asking Him for help.   Yet, imagine the dilemma of a God who has His good people praying for both sides.  He could, of course, decide for Himself which is the best decision.  But if both sides have merit, or fault, perhaps He doesn't want to interfere.  This isn't a ball game here.

So, how should we pray?

I believe we should pray for answers that appease both sides -- for compromise and real negotiations.  The following prayer might be an example. 

Our Father,

Our politicians have forgotten what their higher purpose is.  They have fought so long about party lines that they interpret everything in terms of winning and losing.  Of course, nobody wants to be a loser, but when they quarrel like this, the American people all lose.

Please see that these elected individuals quit engaging in theatrics and quit avoiding the basic substantial issues that we need solved.  We ask that they set aside discussions of the Affordable Care Act until another time, perhaps when a new Congress is formed.  As things stand now, the law cannot be changed -- the House, Republican, the President and Senate, Democrat.  However it may be tweaked if we will get off our grandstands and solve the bigger problems first.

It would behoove us all if you helped them understand that the methods they are using may have the opposite effect to what they hope.  Instead of insuring their reelections, it may get a whole bunch sent home to national obscurity for life.  The polls indicate that may be the case.

Please help them all see the whole picture.  Let them observe the forest instead of nitpicking each individual tree.  Have them set partisan concerns aside long enough to make sound decisions about the budget and to see the disaster they would cause for the country and even the world, if they continue the threats not to raise the debt ceiling.  Even the threat of failing to raise it causes dangerous waves to the world economy. 

Please have them focus more efforts toward getting businesses to hire Americans.  A working America is a tax paying America.  That alone would settle some of the budget issues.

Hold us all focused on the greater good of all instead of the bottom line of a few.  Be sure our politicians get a healthy shot in this concept.

But most of all, Father, show them your take on what is the right thing to do.  Then help us all to see, hear, understand and accept your wisdom.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,


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