Sunday, October 12, 2014


This will be the last entry in my devotional blog.  I believe that, with my last article, I have exhausted the ideas that my unique experiences have caused me to contemplate -- my own spin on religious issues.

I've pointed out such ideas as "taking the Lord's name in vain" as meaning pretending to believe in God, rather than true belief.  Most Christians think it means saying things like Oh, my God, instead.  My take on it shows it as a much greater offence, I think.  You've been reminded of a Christian's required behaviors should the second coming of Christ occur during our lifetimes.  You've been asked if there is a real issue in whether God picked up dust and a rib to create Adam and Eve or whether God let us evolve from the sea and/or animal-kind, instead.  The creator of the universe was in charge either way.  And is it our arrogance that makes us believe we are "better" than creation's other animals or plant, insect, fish and fowl species?

How anybody could look at this planet and not believe that it was created by a being far greater, more brilliant and creative than man, I cannot fathom.  But there are those who don't believe and I pity them their lack.

So, goodbye, until we meet again -- in cyberspace or heaven.  May God be with you. 

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