Saturday, December 28, 2013

The "Duck" Controversy

Psalm 75:7   But God is the judge:  he putteth down one, and setteth up another.

Well, according to the news, Phil Robertson is back with The Duck Dynasty.  This whole Duck controversy could have been avoided if religious zealots were as eager to read and follow God's other teachings as they are to look for "sins" they can use to chastise people they don't even know.

Just as arrogance comes from a poor self concept, so, I believe, does the need for zealots to cast literal or figurative stones on sinners.  When we feel good about ourselves, we are so busily engaged in productive activities that we have no need or time to run around behind others looking for their flaws.

In my denomination we are taught that Jesus Christ was the only perfect human being.  It took the Son of God to reach that desired state.  Although we are expected to aspire toward better hearts, thoughts and behaviors, we are forgiven by God and Jesus as long as we have accepted Christ as our Savior.

Throughout this long war in the Middle East, we have become more familiar with the zealousness that formed the basis of Biblical religious beliefs.  We look with horror at the treatment of women and children . . . the stoning of others . . . the killing of young girls for being raped . . . etc.  But, as usual, we cannot see the horrors of ourselves when we behave in the same, though somewhat subdued, manner as the radicals of another religion in another country.

Over and over in our Bible we are taught not to judge others.  Judge not or you will be judged.  God judges.  Who set you up to be judge?  Who appointed me judge?  But over and over we judge others.  It's like a forbidden fruit that becomes irresistible because it is forbidden.  (In fact, isn't the tree in the Garden of Eden sometimes referred to as the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil)?  Yet, we don't even notice we commit this sin.

Who is the Duck Dynasty anyway?  Who is the family that stars in another dubious reality show on television?  Are you Dynasty fans feeling insulted?  Is the Dynasty family feeling insulted?  You see, all I said is who are they and dubious reality show and you feel offended.  Yet, you think nothing of criticizing others for anything and everything you can.

But, it does make you feel self-righteous, doesn't it?  Our sins cannot be erased by pointing out flaws in others.  God knows our hearts and minds.  Unfortunately for Him, He knows every sin we all commit.  As we think in our hearts, we are known.  We cannot disguise our own flaws by striking out at others.

It's a little like lay people who go around diagnosing mental illness in others.  They aren't qualified.  Neither are we qualified to determine which of us sins the most.  That's God's job.  He's told us all through His word.  Our job is to remove the beam from our own eye.

Had the members of Duck Dynasty followed directions -- the directions of the God they purport to serve -- their controversy would not have happened.

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