Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dishonesty and Holiness Are Incompatible

Leviticus 19:35  ". . . Do not use dishonest standards . . .".

This and verse 36 of Leviticus 19 are referring to weights and measures used in determining how to mete out supplies during the time of Moses.  Although it was situation specific, it is not that confusing to project God's commandments to today's world.  God was issuing decrees as well as commandments and He instructed His people to follow all of them.

It isn't hard to extrapolate this decree for use in the world today.  If we sell cloth or build homes -- measure the length correctly.  Don't short a pound purchase by even a part of an ounce.  Be honest in all our dealings.  Give correct change.

The latter may seem like a huge jump from measuring and weighing, but it really isn't.  God said not to use dishonest standards.  If He were writing the commandments and decrees today, He would have a different kind of world to examine and a new kind of people to both chide and protect.  But chide and protect He would do.

God wants us to treat, love, protect, pray for and respect all of His people wherever we find them and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

. . . and to remember "Thou shalt not steal."  God wants his people to be holy.  We cannot be holy if we are dishonest.

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